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    we design and build high quality software systems, services and websites

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    Creative solutions underpinned by the best technology

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    A talent for online marketing in a changing world


Data Security

Data security is very important to us, all our products and services are built following the most current best practices to ensure that all data is both protected and resilient.

Mapping and GIS

We have significant experience working with OS and other maps suppliers as a partner. We are well used to the large data sets, difficult visualisation which are typical of these products.

Usability and Engagement

We develop systems that are easy to use and have strong, evidence based information architecture, which leads to a more satisfied and committed user base.

User Acquisition

We have experience working with many different channels for acquisition of new users and are often able to tap into virgin sources of new user groups.

Online Marketing

We have consistently improved our clients’ ROI on Online Marketing spend by over 40% on average.

Location Systems

Our bespoke location systems support efficient fleet management a multipoint routing, taking into account factors important to the customer, maybe cost, time, or other restrictions.

Data handling

All processes that deal with data follow best prctices appropate to the target sector and where personal data is involved the principles of the GDPR and followed.

Video online

Online video is more than youtube, our systems processes huge volumes of data using computer vision and other techniques to support business processes.

Data comunications

We have extensive expertise in providing data links between sites and distribution of network connectivity to multiple premises, once deployed we can then remotely monitor network performance.

About Us

We strive to build positive, mutually beneficial, long-term relationships with our clients. We choose to learn and grow with every project we work on. Our work is consistently scoped out well, so the client can have certainty on the project deliverables: date, cost and quality.

Attractive design is a given, but we give much more time and consideration to the underlying technology, to ensure the project performs well.

We understand the importance of protecting our clients’ reputation through secure data management.

We work within each client’s project to develop a sustainable Organic SEO strategy that consistently delivers results

What you can expect from Copla:

  • You can expect us to spend time getting to know your organisation; it’s goals, it’s challenges, it’s current and future users.
  • You can expect us to research your competitors
  • You can expect us to develop a strategy for meeting your goals online
  • You can expect us to build you a strong product with a great web presence
  • You can expect significant benefits in your online marketing and usability metrics


Every project is important to us and we care about delivering the best solution every time.

Our relationships with clients are based on transparency and trust. We clearly set out the proposal in plain English and always work to a fixed price. We update the client regularly with progress and deliver work on a staged schedule for feedback and refinement before the final deadline.

A team of specialists work on each project, to ensure all work is carried out to the highest standard by experts.

We aim to offer the services of a large organisation with the personality and availability of a small organisation at a reasonable cost. There is a real person on the end of the phone.
At copla value for money is paramount.

Simplicity is the key to our success. Our work is based around finding the most appropriate solution to your business’s needs.

Robust solutions are employed: we rigorously test all our software and websites, and confidently offer a lifetime guarantee on all our work.

We are specialists: we have designers and technical experts, who work together to give you a creative and innovative end product.


OS Mapping Data Product

Professional Grade Mapping service for consumers and business. System designed around usability to allow homeowners to create a professional looking map for planning applications.

OS Map Data Sales Website

Consumer focused B 2 C project for the professional creating of maps that are guaranteed to be of a suitable standard for UK councils planning submissions.

Video Magazine Website

A challenging technical and design brief led to a website, where content discovery and user engagement were achieved to great effect. Page load times and large file sizes are some of the difficulties we overcame.

VPN Software

A B2C VPN product with a very large user base. Security of data and the availability of the system are paramount to this project. Secure Payment processing was delivered via multiple methods to suit an international client base.

History Project

Marketing Website for area based history project. Website gathers information from official and user created sources to bring history alive with the integration of social media.

Medical Images

Software for the secure storage, retrieval and referral of medical images. Security and data integrity are key to this project. Cross border and medical devices compliance was obtained for the safe use of this product in a global market place.