We have developed a tried and tested process that helps us follow the right course for a great solution. This process keeps the client informed at every stage and involved in key decisions throughout.

For larger projects we follow an iterative release schedule. We give the client test versions of the website as it is developed for feedback and refinement.

Our process is broken up into six key stages:

Research phase

The first work we do on any project is research. We look at competitors’ or similar websites, discuss general design ideas with the client and look at possible directions

We also discuss technologies that we might employ on the website and implementation in more detail.

Initial design concepts

We prepare three distinct design concepts that fulfil the brief. Also at this stage we may prepare wire frame designs of the website that show the functions and layout. We present these designs to the client for feedback. If we have a user panel, we involve them at this stage.

Design refinement

We move on to refining the design concepts into a consolidated website design. We design all the pages and work on getting all the little details right. The refined design is presented to the client for feedback and sign-off and the user panel if appropriate.


We build the website, including any extra functions required, to the highest technical standards, to give as good a user experience to as many users as possible.


We test to ensure the website looks good on the most commonly used browsers (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari and Chrome) and on mobile devices (such as the iPad).

We also conduct user testing at this stage, to make sure the website is easy to use and functions well for the target audience.

Next we release a test version so that the client can check everything looks good before the website goes live.

Once we are all happy with the website, it is released to the public.


If there are any problems with the site – sometimes known as “bugs” - we fix these as part of the on-going maintenance and support of the site.

We offer good quality dedicated hosting. This means the website is always available and visitors can access it as quickly as possible.

We can carry out site updates / refreshes or add additional features when required.


All our work is standards compliant, which is crucial if you ever need to pass the website to another developer.