Our website designs at copla bring together current trends, interesting new ideas and the aesthetic of the business involved.

We design with the end user in mind to give them the best possible website experience and create a positive connection between the user and the business, thus driving trade and increasing profile.

We are equally happy designing flashy, interactive sites, with interesting and innovative features or more simple presentation of data, where content is key.

We employ techniques to make websites user friendly and rank high on Google. We focus on producing good designs where details are each carefully considered to create a coherent whole.

One of our key strengths at copla is our expertise. We use experienced website designers for the design and web developers for the programming side. By using experts we make sure that not only is the work top quality, but also that no corners are cut.

As well as our in-house designer, we use a team of excellent freelancers to give our work fresh ideas, and to make sure our designs are not too similar.

To find out more about our recent design work please see our website portfolio.