One of our most innovative products is Ultrasound Manager, which has generated considerable interest worldwide and has become a successful company in it's own right, Ultrasound Manager Ltd.

Ultrasound Manager allows secure storage and sharing of Ultrasound Scans and is particularly aimed at the Obstetric market. Scan video and images are shared for professional review and teaching as well as to the patient for enhanced bonding. 

Ultrasound Manager's iBabyScan have become a must-have service for parents-to-be, and is fully integrated with major social networking sites.

Clinicians find the professional sharing feature set offers great applications for the telemedicine field; aiding in remote diagnosis of fetal abnormalities.

Ultrasound Manager pulls together our expertise of data management, video systems and social media applications to add real value to the way clinicians and clients experience obstetric ultrasound scans.

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iBabyScan allows parents-to-be to carry their baby scan video in their pocket and watch it whenever they like from any device with an internet connection. They can share video and images with friends and family all over the world through email and social media. It only takes a few minutes for the ultrasound scan video to be ready to watch online, complete with the sound of the baby’s heartbeat.

iBabyScan video is available to women scanned at clinics which use Ultrasound Manager software.

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