Expat Surfer is an online VPN service; it offers a secure connection between the user’s computer and our dedicated servers in the UK and USA. This secure connection protects the user’s entire web browsing traffic from hackers and assigns their traffic a UK or US ip address. This means users can access country specific web content as if they were in the UK or USA.

The Expat Surfer service is aimed primarily at British people living abroad who might be using unsecured shared networks or want to access certain UK or US websites with an appropriate ip address.

Prior to launching Expat Surfer we carried out user trials on our target audience to make sure the product was easy to use. We launched at the beginning of January 2010 and since then have grown a large and loyal customer base numbering thousands.

To find out more about Expat Surfer please visit the website www.expatsurfer.co.uk