Video Soltutions

copla have many years of experience in working with video. Colin designed the first truly on demand video service on the web and has since architected several systems.

We like to design and develop exciting solutions that move the online/offline video consumption experience forward.

Video expertise

  • Transcoding and conversation
  • Workflow
  • Storage strategies
  • Content discovery
  • Playback solutions
  • Design and implementation of engaging experiences

Database systems

Most software needs some form of database to store information. We have extensive expertise in optimising database access to maximise performance.

Time critical systems

Most software written today is for the web, web software generally does not have strict performance criteria, so long as a page is displayed in a couple of seconds everything is fine.

Software running on backend systems are much more sensitive time time, if you have a batch process running tens of thousands of times, a second on each item is a long time!

We have excellent optimisation skills allowing us to squeeze every last bit of performance out of a solution.