Bespoke Software

We excel at providing elegant, user friendly software to make your business easier to run tailored to our clients’ needs; no matter how unusual. The software we provide is easy to integrate, user friendly, robust, rigorously tested, and of course, every software product we supply is covered by our lifetime bug-fixing guarantee. This means you can be confident the software will work when we deliver, the year after and for the life of the product.

All this is at a price more affordable than you might think.

Our projects include;

Video systems

This includes a video sharing and networking website. We are responsible for all of online and offline systems. This has included innovative elements, such as linking within videos to sites and other videos (a process we call “hot spots”).

GPS / Location systems

We have built systems to track the location of vehicles feeding back their location in realtime to a central management system. Data can be plotted on custom maps, or analysed for reporting. The hardware element of these systems is strong and robust and can withstand even the most challenging industrial environments.

Online booking systems

We have developed several online booking systems, from simple one time bookings without the need for inventory checking through to more complex systems that check availability before allowing a booking to take place. Our core engine has been built from the ground up giving us flexibility to implement most business models.

SMS systems

SMS or text messaging is something that nearly everyone uses. We have built systems that both send and receive messages in high volumes with direct connections to aggregators. Our systems are capable of handling thousands of messages a second, both inbound and outbound. We have built alerting systems, marking platforms and premium rate games.

Time management systems

Where you have workers paid by the hour, perhaps in a factory, you may need to record how much time each person is at work by clocking in and out. We have built advanced bespoke time management systems that not only clock staff in and out, but monitor the performance of the workforce as a whole. This allows processes and teams within an organisation to be optimised to maximise profits.

Call TV telephone systems

We designed and created the systems to run Call TV operation Quiz Call. This included call handling systems, random winner allocation, as well as reporting systems, to help them make sense of their business.